My Approach

Family Photography

My approach to family photography is very much a photojournalism/documentary style. My photos have a story to tell and bundles of personality just like your family. Whether its newborn, little sitter, run around toddler or moody teenager I aim to capture the true character and the unique reflection of each individual.

When I became a mum of my two gorgeous boys something changed. I no longer wished my life away for the weekends, I wanted to freeze time.  I was always scared of missing a moment, a new freckle, a facial expression, a new irritating but funny habit, as these are all the silly things that you forget as they grow older but can be captured in a picture.

I believe in real smiles and sparkly eyes. I don’t want your images to have a posed studio look like you see on every other wall, in every other home. Life is not made of white backgrounds. It’s all about having fun, running around with the wind in your hair, it’s jumping on your mum and dads bed, it’s tickling, cuddling, kissing, laughing and playing.

My bespoke shoots range from newborn shoots in your home, a fun family shoot on the beach/park/forest or even an urban gritty city shoot. You tell me what you like to do as a family and I will capture the true essence of you all.


I offer various package options listed below starting from £75.00, please have a good look around my galleries below or take a look at my recent blogs featuring fun outdoor family shoots, maternity and newborn or day in the life documentary family shoots.

  • Outdoor Family Shoots – Beach/Forest/Park/Urban your call –Fantastic for children of all ages. Perfect way to spend a lovely few hours as a family together having fun whilst I snap away capturing you all,  
    Approximately 1-2 hours at a location of your choice.
  • Newborn – approximately 2 hours – Location: your own home for a documentary feel. Ideally done within 1-4 weeks after delivery, this is a very relaxed shoot capturing the early days when your baby is still so tiny and you are just getting to know the new addition to your family.
  • Maternity – approximately 1 hours shoot – Location: your own home for a documentary feel or how about a lovely walk in the park/gardens.
  • A day in the life of….. – Unposed, unedited full documentary shoot in your home.  A perfect way to capture the true essence of family life. I will show you through your pictures, that one day in that one year exactly what your family was like.  You can book a full day in the life of capturing the whole day from madness of breakfast feeding time, playtime at the park, lunch, a bit of baking right through to splashing in the bath and story and bed time. Alternatively for a shorter shoot, you can book a morning or afternoon in the life of, or simply a short 2 hours in the life of.

For further details of each style of shoot and pricing click on the links below or email for a brochure.

I’d love to hear from you so please contact me for a brochure or call me on 07703773701